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The Top house hunters’ wish list in 2019

We often talk about how lucky we are to live and work in the Beaconsfield housing market with such a variety of property available. One of the leading online property portals has conducted some research on the most popular search terms house hunters have been searching for.

Top of the list

The word ‘garage’ came out on top with ‘driveway/parking’ closely behind. It seems that people are concerned with being able to store their cars close to home, and while most people choose not to park their vehicles in a garage, they would certainly make use of the storage space.

Words such as ‘garden’ come in third in the most searched for terms, shows that people would like some outdoor space in any future property. We also saw that the term ‘bungalow’ came in high on the list, suggesting that the UK’s ageing population is looking toward stair free living in their twilight years.

While the research is fascinating and informative it can also be a little misleading with many aspirational searchers slightly skewing results with terms such as ‘rural’, ‘acre’ and ‘sea view’ appearing in the top ten. However, largely the keywords which had been searched most are fairly indicative of the trends we have seen throughout the year and we would imagine they will continue into 2020.

Among the highest searched term was ‘freehold’ which may have been a direct result of some of the media coverage surrounding potential issues with leasehold homes.

Regional differences

There is always a regional difference between the priorities of the buying market. While ‘garage’ was top of the list across all regions, London was the only area in which ‘Help to Buy’ made it into the top 10. This is likely to be due to the high cost of property in Central and Greater London. Scotland and Wales were the only regions in which having a home that was secluded was a priority.

What the research has uncovered is that while you may not be able to change the features of your property, it is good to know what people are looking for in a property in your area. Perhaps you were thinking about getting rid of your driveway in favour of a lawn but have changed your mind. Maybe you will no longer think about converting the garage to make an extra room without replacing with an alternative storage facility.

It will certainly help potential vendors make sensible decisions about their home.

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