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The best Home Improvements to add value to your home

It’s impossible to forecast what your house is going to be worth in 5 to 10 years’ time. The best way to make money on your property is to make improvements. Many properties were built in a time when the living space was used in a different way to how we use it today. This means that most properties have great scope for improvement and modernisation.

We’ve been looking at some of the best home improvements you can make to your home to not only make it a more comfortable place in which to live, but also be the best investment. (nb. Some of these suggestions may require planning permission)

Extensions and Conservatories

You can spend anything upwards of £5,000 on a conservatory or extension to your home. Conservatories are no longer simply glass blocks with corrugated plastic roofs. Modern conservatories/orangeries can have excellent insulation and modern glass can make them as energy efficient as a bricks and mortar structure.


Basements are also a popular option in this category depending on your property and area. You can add an entire floor to your property. Basements are a more expensive option and care should be taken when selecting designers and contractors, cutting corners can have disastrous consequences.

Loft Conversions

The opposite of a basement, if you have a loft space large enough you might think about converting it for extra living space. Remember, you will have to reinforce the floor joists which could increase the floor level. This is a popular move in older houses with steeper pitched roofs and straightforward locations for stairs.

Garage Conversion

According to research, 90% of Brits do not use their garage to store their car. While storage space can be seen as a premium asset in a property, garages are the perfect space to convert in to living space and a new room can add up to 15% to the value of your property.

Replacing windows

This is a relatively simple and cost effective upgrade to your property. Window and glass technology is ever-improving and new windows can not only make your house look smarter but it will also be more energy efficient and sound proof.

Tiled rooms

There’s a rule of thumb – if a room is tiled, it is likely to benefit most from an update. It is well-known that updating the kitchen in your house can really bump up the value of your property. The same applies to bathrooms; clean lines and modern, functional fittings can up to 8% onto the value of your house.

When making improvements to your home make sure that you are making them sensibly. If you have a £300,000 house it wouldn’t make sense to spend £50,000 adding a designer kitchen as you wouldn’t see that investment pay off upon sale. Take a look at similar properties in the area to help inspire your decisions.

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