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Creating a healthy home

Winter is fast approaching and as the days become significantly shorter the weather doesn’t exactly encourage us to spend more time outside. While we all settle down by the fire to enjoy a good book or boxset, we start to think about the holiday period and those New Year Resolutions. What are you going to take up or quit this year?

Many of us will aim to improve their lives this New Year by making health and well-being related resolutions; but what can you do in your home to help you achieve your goals? We take a look at some of the ways you could build yourself a healthier home.

Connect with the outdoors

We’re not suggesting you open your doors and spend more time out there but one thing that can really benefit you and your home is the presence of house plants. Not only do they help with the air quality in your home but also can be used as decoration to add colour to your environment. In these days of eco-friendliness it can also be fun to have productive plants such as kitchen herbs. You can buy potted basil and parsley which will thrive on a sunny windowsill and will save you having to head to the shops when you need them.

Air Quality

It’s not often that British houses have air conditioning built in, we don’t really have the weather for it and often rely more on central heating systems, but that doesn’t mean we can’t complement our system with some kind of air purification. Dust and particles exist in the household and can trigger allergies and other health issues. You might want to get an air purifying unit which can filter out all the nasties and keep your home’s air, ‘breathably’ clean.

Natural Light

Without getting too hung up on the science – natural light is good for humans. It impacts the levels of certain hormones within our bodies which can really affect our mood in general. During the winter we don’t tend to have as many hours of natural light and so making sure you get good exposure when it is around is important. Open-plan living areas are great for this kind of living and ensuring that your windows are clean and free of obstructions will optimise your natural light exposure. You’d be shocked to see how much natural light can be blocked by grimy windows.

Home Gym

This one is a little on the nose. Of course having a work out space in your home will benefit your health and well-being, however, not everyone has room for an entire gymnasium and you may be somewhat reluctant to commit to adding a gym to your home in case it’s not used enough. If that is the case then perhaps just a small area of a room to store some small equipment might be the better option. You can achieve a decent work out with a few dumb bells and a skipping rope.

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